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Verizon's 5G Home Service Isn't The Real Deal Yet

Throughout the year, 5G has been a hot topic in the industry. From the latest cities included on the list to the newest 5G-capable devices, the technology is much anticipated. But since 5G won't be available until at least the start of next year, there isn't a lot to do but to wait. For Verizon users however, the waiting period may be reduced by a great deal.

Earlier this week, Verizon announced that it has launched its fixed 5G service. This initiative makes the wireless carrier the first company to offer the service in the country. The new service, known as Verizon 5G Home, brings 5G-based broadband internet to areas it is available. And right now, Verizon has made this available for homes and businesses based in Houston, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and Sacramento.

Just a few days after Verizon launched the service, users are complaining that it does not really provide 5G speeds. As reported by Engadget, the service allows users to get a speed of 300 Mbps but that speed is not really what 5G is all about. The Verge, on the other hand, describes Verizon's 5G Home service as "sort of real, sort of fake."

To be fair, Verizon explained that the 5G Home network it was launching would only be temporary since it was based on their 5G TF standard currently available. The global 5G NR standard is still awaiting its final approval from the telecom association 3GPP. The company has promised that it will be upgrading devices and equipment to the global 5G NR standard as soon as it gets an approval.

While waiting for *real* 5G service, Verizon's 5G Home will have to do. Again, the service is currently available in the four cities mentioned. If you are interested in being among those to experience the service, you can sign up with Verizon for a price of $50 per month (if you have an existing phone plan) or $70 per month (if you don't have one). Right now, Verizon is offering a 3-month promo period where you can get the service for free. After the initial three months, the $50 or $70 per month rates apply.

In addition to the free three months, Verizon is offering a free Google Chromecast Ultra or Apple TV 4K.

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  1. leav it to the big red ripoff amchine to invent new ways of fleecing its own customers out of more of their money. the false, phony claims in their tv ads, the about-face on unlimited plans after a million customers fled, the insistence on not allowing prepaid phones to be used on postpaid plans.

  2. Big Red isn't a ripoff: you get what you pay for. I went on Verizon recently after a decade of being on Sprint and T-Mobike. I'm amazed and happy to be on a network that works everywhere. The others just worked in few places here and there.

  3. Soon you will get LESS of what you pay for with Verizon. They just announced buyouts for 44,000 employees, about 29% of their employees. They also announced they are outsourcing their IT staff to India. Their snotty service will get even worse.

    1. The above is a perfect example of bigotry against people in India.

      As for the Outsourcing, it was inevitable because of the recent union victories against Verizon and its workers. The victory by the CWA has made it more difficult for the company to employ Americans.

    2. Verizon is not bigoted against people in India. They love India. They are trying to save $10 Billion/year in costs to buy a lot of spectrum they will need for their mobile 5G network. And after their IT workers are forced to teach the Indians their jobs they will get a decent severance package, so they should be very grateful they are giving Indians a chance to be successful too. Even if it is against the law to use that kind of VISA to replace American workers. Well, maybe it will be legal if the IT department telecommutes from India without a VISA. But the service will get worse either way.

  4. The IT workers won't be "forced". It's their choice. Saying that the service will be worse just because it's people in India is indeed bigoted.

  5. It could actually make the customer service better, if it's union workers being replaced. The unions prevent bad incompetent people from being out right fired, had to make for a much worse customer experience. I've noticed this in direct comparison between customer service on unionized Verizon, and on Union T-Mobile. The T-Mobile people have to be good or they will be fired. It will very likely be the same with these workers in India.

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