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Xfinity Mobile Close to Reaching 1.3 Million Subscriber Count Prediction

A couple of months ago, Wall Street analysts predicted that Comcast's Xfinity Mobile service will grow its subscriber count to 1.3 million before the year ends. True enough, the wireless service provider released its third quarter earnings report on a positive note.

Earlier today, Xfinity Mobile gave a report on its third quarter earnings where they talked about their net line gains and losses.

For the bad news, the latest quarter led the company to incur a loss of $178 million from their Xfinity Mobile service. This number is has increased from last year's $161 million loss during the same quarter.

On the positive side of things, Xfinity Mobile is getting close to the predicted 1.3 million adds before the end of the year. During its earnings call, the Comcast wireless service reported a net line addition of 228,000 during this quarter. Adding this to the previous count, the service provider has a total of 1 million lines.

Despite its losses, Comcast's CEO, Dave Watson, remains confident of the numbers of its Xfinity Mobile service. Having only launched the service in spring 2017, Xfinity Mobile continues to gain new adds in a steady manner.

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  1. They lose money on each sale but make it up in volume...

  2. If adding subscribers were a high priority then XM would have instituted Android BYOD long ago, the lack of Android BYOD is ludicrous.

  3. We just got our first $300 prepaid VISA rebate. Two more will be coming.
    We set up our friends for $300 rebates too. They will save 85% off their Verizon bill and get the same service.
    $16 vs. $109.50. All this will pay for their iPhone upgrades very quickly.
    XM telephone CS is truly excellent, based in Washington state. Xfinity store gave great service too.

  4. The financial losses probably have more to do with their recent spectrum purchase rather than operational expenses.

    1. No, the spectrum purchase was not allocated to XM at all, as a MVNO and separate business unit. The losses are due to the upfront purchased of many phones, most of which will not be paid back until after 24 month payments. Plus the high rebates they offer for BYOD ($150, now $100) and new phone purchases ($300, $200). And their advertising, setting up backend systems, hiring and training telephone and Xfinity store CS staff.

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