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AT&T Prepaid Lets You Save $20 On Its Unlimited High-Speed Plans

att-prepaid-$20-off-promotionAT&T has just unveiled a new promotion aimed at helping its AT&T Prepaid customers save money from their service.

For a limited time period, customers can enjoy a $20 discount on the $65 or $85 unlimited plans.
Instead of paying the plans at these prices, the price goes down to $45 and $65 for a single line.

Here are the included features on each of these plans:

  • $65 per month plan - includes unlimited high-speed data with SD video streaming 
  • $85 per month plan - includes unlimited high-speed data with HD video streaming, 10GB mobile hotspot, and unlimited talk and text in Mexico. 

Taxes and fees not yet included. 

The new promotion is also available for group lines. Two lines of unlimited service costs $80, while more lines get more discounts. Of course, this will require two new line activation, autopay, and multi-line account enrollment. 

This new promotion runs until January 10, 2019.

Source: AT&T Prepaid  

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  1. New customers only...!

  2. no VoLTE and forced HSPA voice, where the slice of HSPA has been getting thinner and thinner due to refarming of radio bands... no thanks. Then there is the lack of security problem of the piss-poor 4 digit “security code” for account “management.” Got hacked once a while back and AT&T “fraud department” told me “we don’t investigate prepaid accounts.” Had to file an FCC complaint to get them to act. Really CRAPPY.

  3. How consistent is ATT prepaid 1.5 mbps speed for streaming 480p quality videos? Does anyone have experience with the $65($45 promotion) unlimited data plans on ATT prepaid? Is there alot of buffering?

    1. Videos work great no slowdown. Im on 45 unlimited plan

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