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AT&T Reveals Deals for AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless Customers

As everyone starts getting ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, there have been a number of offers that were prematurely released to the public. Among these include discount cards on prepaid refill cards offered by the large retail chains.

Following their footsteps, AT&T has revealed that it has some special offers lined up for its prepaid customers for the much awaited sale. The offer is also available to Cricket Wireless customers.

One of the exciting deals announced by the wireless carrier earlier today is that their Cyber Monday promotion will be running from November 26th until December 20th. Throughout this period, customers switching to Cricket Wireless will be getting a half off discount on a new Samsung Galaxy A6 and Samsung Galaxy S9.

The Galaxy S9 is currently priced at $700. With the deal, you can get this phone for $350 from Cricket. On the other hand, the Galaxy A6 costs $340 without the offer. After the offer, the price drops to $170.

In addition to this half off deal, Cricket is also offering a $100 discount on any iPhone model purchased at a Cricket retail store. The discount is available for switchers between November 19th until the 29th.

AT&T Prepaid is also offering the Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 3 at $49.99 for new service line activations from November 20th until the 27th. This is normally priced at $129.99. The prepaid brand is also offering the Apple iPhone 6s at a $100 discount from today until January 10th. With the discount in place, the iPhone 6s costs only $99 with a new AT&T Prepaid line activation of at least $50 monthly plan.

Aside from discounts on smartphones, AT&T is offering a discount on select unlimited plans under AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless. A single unlimited high-speed data line from AT&T Prepaid currently costs $45 per month instead of $65 per month. This plan includes unlimited talk, text and data, unlimited talk and text to Mexico & Canada, and unlimited text to over 100 countries. Meanwhile, Cricket Wireless is offering four lines of unlimited data for only $100 under the unlimited plan. This plan includes unlimited talk, text and data, unlimited texts to 37 countries, and 10GB high-speed mobile hotspot.

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  1. An unlocked A6 is worth $170, but a carrier locked and modified model should only go for $125 on BF.

    As for the S9, that's an awful big investment to make in a locked device when the universal moto g6 will be going for $150 less.

  2. What about the current customers that have been with Cricket for a number of years. Why r they not included for any specials or offers, like me ??

    1. For the last couple of years almost none of Cricket's deals have been aimed at current customers. They're mostly for people porting a number, and occasionally for someone opening a new line, but almost never for someone who's been with the service for a while.

    2. Just port out to T-Mobile Prepaid for 1 hour, and then port back in to Cricket if you want the deal.

      Alternatively, spend $4 on a T-Mobile Prepaid porting-ready number on ebay. Use that number to port a new line into your existing Cricket account for the phone discount, using Cricket's website. Pop your old Cricket sim card into the new phone when your it arrive. After 30 days with no activation of the new sim card, the one month service charge for the new line will be transferred to your old line.

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