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It's Official: TPO Mobile is Shutting Down in the US

Back in May, there were reports that The People's Operator (TPO) Mobile could be shutting down its operations in the U.S.

Even though the company did not make an official announcement, the report was further strengthened when news broke that it was making plans to sell its customer base. The succeeding report was published in July, where the MVNO was able to secure financial approval to sell off its U.S. customers to Ting.

Ever since then, there has been no further development about the report and TPO Mobile has kept pretty quiet. This changes today as TPO Mobile finally makes things official.

Earlier today, the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO announced its closure on its website. The announcement also talks about its customers option to migrate to Ting. The MVNO has also sent out emails to its subscribers announcing their closure and further instructions on how they can make the switch.

Once you open Ting's website, a welcome message has been published for TPO Mobile's customers. Along with the migration, subscribers get to port in their numbers and their account balances from their former operator. Ting is also an MVNO that operates under Sprint and T-Mobile's networks.

In keeping up with TPO Mobile's humanitarian tradition, Ting has announced that it will be making a donation to the most popular charity that TPO's customers donated to: the  Planet Water Foundation. The MVNO will be making a one-time donation of $10 for every subscriber that ports in from TPO Mobile.

If you do not wish to port over to Ting, you can choose another carrier you find more interesting. TPO Mobile shares that if you don't port over to Ting or another carrier, your phone service will be deactivated. As of this writing, there is no announced date on when TPO will be shutting down its operations. The MVNO has promised they will be notifying their subscribers once their service will end.

Source: TPO Mobile, Ting  


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  1. And another one bites the dust....
    This MVNO’s number is up in the musical chairs game. Like a building that is one failed restaurant after another, each new investor thinks they are going to be the one that can and will make it work.

    1. It is just the cycle. There are tons of business that fail every day in other industries. This is nothing new .

    2. The “MVNO” game has risen to nuisance level.

    3. That is correct, but at least TPO is giving customers advance notice and an opportunity to migrate. This is the way others should have done it. The more competition out there, the better for the customer. It is sad to see them succumb.

  2. Ting has a nice habit of absorbing several failed mvnos. That fact, their own good customer service, and being part of a larger company with numerous irons in the fire makes me think they'll be one of the survey.

  3. I think it is pretty good for the country that this one has gone out of business and that new mvno that gives its money to the NRA has started up.

  4. Screw you, Trumptard. The NRA sucks!

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