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Metro by T-Mobile Lets You Add a Line for Free

After re-branding itself as Metro By T-Mobile, the prepaid brand appears to be doing a new promotion for its customers.

The new promotion was revealed by a poster on HowardForums, who received a text message from Metro regarding the offer. But after BestMVNO checked out the link on their computer, they encountered a 404 error.

After viewing the link on mobile, however, the details of the promotion was available. It's possible that Metro by T-Mobile accidentally sent the notification early and they aren't ready to launch it yet. Or there could be a problem with their website right now.

According to BestMVNO, Metro by T-Mobile will be allowing their customers to add a line for free. The promotion is available when a new phone is purchased and a new line is added on their $60 unlimited plan. The two lines need to be under the same unlimited plan.

This $60 unlimited plan includes unlimited talk, text and LTE data. Other features include 15GB 4G LTE mobile hotspot, Google One subscription with 100GB cloud storage, and Amazon Prime subscription for new Prime members. The plan includes taxes and fees in its price. Data prioritization occurs after more than 35GB of data in one month is consumed.

Since the phone requires a phone upgrade, there are four devices that they are promotion under the offer:

  • Coolpad Defiant - $99
  • LG Q7+ - $329
  • Moto E5 Plus - $209
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 - $729

You can still go through Metro by T-Mobile's store to check out the other devices that you may be interested in. 

The promotion gives a free line via a $30 monthly bill credit. It is compatible with reactivated Metro devices or bring your own device customers. The two lines need to stay active on the unlimited plan in order for the $60 for two lines offer to be in effect. Only one free line per account and household is permitted. 

Source: BestMVNO  

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  1. Their new plans and promotions suck after they rebranded. More expensive, pretty much rivaling postpaid, but without the benefits and locked sim phone policy. Sprint just released Kickstart that gets unlimited for $25. Mint sim, Redpocket, and even Att prepaid are better.

    1. theyre trying to get rid of their bad and cheap reputation where customers walk into the store and ask "whats free"

  2. Two lines for $60 would be the net cost? Good plan if it does not become " non free " at some point.

    1. The promotion lasts during the lifetime of the line. Basically, itll always be free.

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