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New Google Fi Customers Get Free Sign Up

Yesterday, Google officially took the wraps off the new re-branding of its Project Fi service.

The re-branding includes Google dropping the Project from its name. Instead, the MVNO service will now be called Google Fi.

In its big reveal, Google announced that its Google Fi service will be open for Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus devices. They also revealed that they would be accepting bring-your-own devices.

But it looks like Google is not yet over with the announcements. As part of its launch, Google Fi revealed that it would be allowing new customers to sign up for service. The offer ends on December 16 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

The promotion is available for new Google Fi customers.

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  1. Pretty expensive!
    Their wifi coverage had better be fantastic to get me to pay more than $20 p/m for 3GB from Simple... To get what I have from fi would cost me $50 a month...


    1. Did you really mean Wi-Fi coverage?

      Wi-Fi and coverage do not go together.

    2. T-Mobile post paid(data only) is $10 for 2GB international roaming at 2g speed (128k)(just enough to stream Spotify and 144p of YouTube.)

  2. I’ve been using the service for 2 years now and it’s been great. Traveling overseas and not having to worry about massive roaming charges or having to buy a local sim card has been awesome. I’ve also been able to call my cousin and brother who both live abroad and it only costs $0.01/min. Definitely happy I switched!

    If anyone is looking to sign up and wants to save $20, use this referral code:
    URL: https://g.co/fi/r/EHC6VC
    Code: EHC6VC

  3. Here is one note reg GoogleFi's international service - customer need not change to local SIM card, can avoid lots of hoops buying one in the visiting country, da, da, da....Be aware that you as a visitor can make calls and use data at a set price. So far so good. If the local caller wants to contact you, its an international call for him/her. Prospective jumpers to the GFI service should be aware of, fyi.

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