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Project Fi Will Be Adding New VPN Service, Faster Network Connection Switching

Last week, it was reported that Google was re-branding its Project Fi MVNO service into Google Fi. Although those reports remain uncertain for now, Google has announced new software features for the service.

Yesterday, Google announced that it will be rolling out a new always-on VPN service aimed at providing a more secure connection for its subscribers.

According to Google, all connections will be encrypted using Google VPN. This includes cellular or Wi-Fi connections. With a VPN in place, data can be better intercepted from being sent between a connection point and your device. The VPN also helps add an extra security layer since the user traffic is not tied to your Google account or phone number.

In addition to this, Google will be pushing for improved network switching across Project Fi. When connecting to LTE, Google uses the LTE network from Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.

Whenever it's available, Wi-Fi connection will be the automatic default. Once the Wi-Fi connection becomes sketchy, however, Google promises that their users will get switched back to cellular network. The improvement of this feature reduces the wait time by up to 40%.

Right now, Google will still be testing these features before they make an official launch. When they become available, they can be switched on via the Project Fi app. To get this new features to work, you will have to tap on 'Fi Network Tools' and switch on the option to 'Enhance network'.

Google has announced that these new features will be available with Android 9 Pie devices and Fi-compatible devices running Android Oreo.

Source: Google Blog

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  1. common on, are you kidding me, as if android data they were collecting was not enough, now they want to tap into all the app data as well when it passes through their vpn? :( :(

    1. Good point. I'd rather go with Apple, which brazenly people massive to replace defective batteries, and willingly gives private customer data to the government of mainland China.

    2. exactly. NO WAY JOSÉ.

  2. Unfortunately, the money follows the sheep herd majority who don’t know or care enough to think about the very real privacy and security concerns listed here and that’s a baaaaaaaad thing...

  3. how about lineage os and root that sucker

  4. Just wondering, if ProjectFi is a 'regular' MVNO or in the guise of MVNO doing something innovative behind the backs of their host carriers?

    Any reports, technical or otherwise, on the internet!

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