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Selectel Wireless Reportedly to Offer "Unlimited LTE" Data Plan Soon

A few days ago, it was reported that Selectel Wireless made changes to its plans.

Notably, the big change done by the Verizon MVNO was that it had increased the data included in a few of its plans. In addition to this, the MVNO quietly introduced a new plan, making it a total of 7 plans available for customers.

But it looks like Selectel Wireless isn't done yet.

A poster on HowardForums shared information that Selectel will be launching a new Unlimited LTE plan. According to fonezfonz, the new plan will include 22GB of LTE data before it gets throttled. As for its price, the post shared that it cost $60 per month.

The forum poster however noted that a number of Verizon MVNOs that offered Unlimited LTE have crumbled in the past. Some examples given include ROK Mobile, with its 20GB hard capped Unlimited LTE offering last year and Page Plus' $55 Unlimited LTE.

It's interesting to see how this will play out for Selectel since Verizon MVNOs haven't been able to live up to the "unlimited LTE" promise that T-Mobile MVNOs are able to produce.

As of this writing, there's been no update on Selectel's website so we don't know for sure when this will be available. We'll keep checking the website for updates.

Source: HowardForums 


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  1. Any promise even remotely related to verizon is a huge lie

  2. This, of course, is DOA.

  3. This is true as Selectel released this info to dealers yesterday. $60 for 22 GB of "high speed" data (5MBPS) followed by unlimited slow (2G) data. Selectel tends to be slow to update their web site and they have never listed all the plans they offer. Check with dealers for all info.

  4. At the other end of the usage spectrum, dealers sell the $75/year plan with 2000/unlimited/100mb for very light use. $10 flex cards let you add min or mb charged @5c each.
    I've had excellent service from Freedom Wireless of Bay City, which has a comprehensive website. They will autopay monthly plans for you.

  5. Page plus still has the 55 plan with unlimited LTE data .....

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