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Straight Talk Wireless Adding 50% More Data on Select Plans

Straight Talk Wireless has unveiled its Black Friday deals for this year. The company is currently offering more data on two of its plans.

This promotion is available for new phone purchases.

According to its announcement, they are giving 50% more data on the unlimited $35 and $45 plans. With the promotion in place, these plans include the following:

  • Unlimited $35 per Month Plan - includes unlimited talk, text and 3GB of high speed data (previously 2GB)
  • Unlimited $45 per Month Plan - includes unlimited talk, text and 15GB of high speed data (previously 10GB)

The good thing about this promotion is that it is not limited to this weekend only. On Straight Talk's website, you'll find that this offer is available until January 26, 2019. 

Source: Straight Talk 


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  1. Carlos Slim[e]. No thanks. Not competitive anyway, same old “promotion” everywhere else. Then there is all the GAMES TracFone plays, disappearing your phone number et al., that you have to file FCC complaints to get them to act. NAH. Never.

    1. I've been with Net10 since 2004, when it was 10 cents a min, with carryover. They've remained competitive, changing with the times.

      Despite not having a physical store, customer service gets the job done (does take patience at times).

      A CSR even talked me through changing my APN settings. Great learning experience.

  2. This isn't a new promotion. It's an ongoing one


  3. This is great that straight talk Wireless $45 with 15 gigabytes a month at Walmart this should be permanent changebut they I think they should think about lowering the price down from $5 to $40 a month and the $55 plan with unlimited data should have a price drop about $$10 which would make it $45 a month and they sure Create a new premium at $55 with unlimited mobile hotspot and no throttling with data I think this is what customers really what

  4. Are iPhones phones unlocked?

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