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Switchers Get a Free Phone from Metro by T-Mobile

During Black Friday, Metro by T-Mobile offered free Apple AirPods to customers who make the switch. Now that the much awaited holiday has passed, the T-Mobile prepaid brand has unveiled a new promotion that's even better than the last.

For a limited time period, Metro by T-Mobile is giving away select smartphone models for free. Among the devices being given away include the following:

  • Apple iPhone 6s 32GB
  • LG Stylo 4
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Star

According to the announcement, these free devices are available for those who port a number to Metro. If you are interested in the iPhone 6s, Metro by T-Mobile has not unveiled a rate plan requirement. You will receive a $150 instant rebate for your purchase of the device. 

You can also get up to four free Android devices when you switch and add additional lines. When you port your number to Metro, you can get a $150 instant rebate for your purchase of the LG Stylo 4 or the Samsung Galaxy J7 Star. You can get a maximum of four free phones when you port in and add three lines of service. 

As announced, the offer is available for a limited time only. Make sure to drop by a Metro by T-Mobile store to learn more about this promotion. 

Source: TmoNews  


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  1. And sim card switchers get charged $15.00

  2. I ported my number over from Boost Mobile and my LG Stylo 4 cost me $30 last junJ .Great Phone

  3. $15 "fee" on each line activated so that's a total of an additional $60. The CSR said they also charge taxes on the fees!!!

    Your looking at at least $160 before taxes!

    1. You sound like a broke whiner! Don’t like the offer, move on! Every damn carrier has an activation/setup fee. Why do you think you’re entitled to FREE services? Who’s paying, your grandpa?

    2. Must be pretty lose from bending over for all your corporate pimps.
      Last year at corporate stores, $100 got you 4 phones with unlimited data. This year $160+. 160% increase in one year!

      Don't buy from independent shops, they have even more junk fees.

  4. The Stylo 4 plus is 6.2 inches. Looking to see if Metro has that model with money credit for switching.

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