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Ting Mobile Unveils Some Of Its Offers for Black Friday 2018

Ting Mobile has unveiled some of its deals in store for Black Friday 2018.

Among these offers include a credit on your purchase of a select smartphone, and a free month of service. Let's start with the free month of service:

Free Month of Service

New customers are entitled to receive a free month of service when they decide to sign up with the MVNO's service. Upon account activation, you will receive a $25 bill credit that you can use to purchase the number of minutes, texts, and data you need for your phone. 

Credit for Phone Purchase

For a limited time period, Ting customers can buy a new smartphone and get an account credit in exchange for the purchase. Among the phones available under this promotion include the following:
  • Apple iPhone 7 - $300 in monthly account credits
  • Google Pixel XL - $200 in monthly bill credits
  • Moto E4 Plus - $100 in monthly bill credits

If you're in market for a new smartphone, you don't have to wait until Black Friday to enjoy these deals offered by the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO.

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  1. Unattractive as usual.

  2. Agreed. Ting used to hold a decent position in value pricing. But the last few years they have definitely slipped. I've seen nods to their customer service as a reason to pay the higher prices. But my own experience with their customer service was horrific.

  3. Ting's data prices are obscene.

  4. "Unattractive as usual."

    Exactly. Overpriced, and even the combined power of Sprint and T-Mobile right now makes for a significantly worse network than either AT&T or Big Red.

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