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Best Buy Currently Running Hard to Miss Deal on Moto G6

Best Buy is currently running a neat promotion on the Motorola Moto G6 and LG Fiesta 2.

Instead of paying up to $300 for the two devices, you only have to pay $190.99; allowing you to save up to $100.

All you have to do is make sure you have added all the products on one shopping cart.

At the price of $190.99, you will be getting an unlocked Motorola Moto G6 32GB variant, Simple Mobile LG Fiesta 2, $40 Simple Mobile prepaid phone card, and a Keep Your Own Phone SIM card kit from Simple Mobile as well.

If you add all of these products under the same cart, you'll be able to get the Moto G6 at a price cheaper than what Motorola.com is charging for it.

With this promotion, you are free to activate service on the Moto G6 with the carrier of your choice. The LG Fiesta 2, meanwhile, is locked with T-Mobile MVNO, Simple Mobile.

Is this a promotion you'd want to get?

Source: PhoneArena


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  1. Does anyone know a if a locked Simple Mobile phone will work with Another T-Mobile MVNO(like Ultra Mobile for example?)

    1. It will NOT work, its SIM/IMEI locked, I tried it already.

  2. I know Simple Mobile is on the T-Mobile network, but isn't it a TracFone MVNO?

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