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Boost Mobile's iPhone XR Deal is Back

boost-mobile-iphone-xr-dealLast month, Boost Mobile offered a Black Friday deal that slashed the price off on the Apple iPhone XR.

Because the deal was a hit among shoppers, the Sprint prepaid brand has announced that they will be giving its shoppers another chance to take advantage of the deal.

Earlier today, Boost Mobile renewed its iPhone XR deal it offered during Black Friday. Instead of paying the outright iPhone XR price of $750, you can get the device for $650.

This means that you get to save $100 on the price of the device with a 64GB model. The two higher storage variants, 128GB and 256GB, are also on sale at $100 off.

The good news about this deal is that you do not need to trade-in another smartphone. You won't even need to activate service under a long-term contract. When you decide to take advantage of Boost Mobile's iPhone XR deal, you can pick out a plan online and activate it right away.

The deal is limited to only one phone per customer. The prices also do not include taxes and will cost extra.

You have until the end of the year to purchase this phone at $100 off.

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  1. Is it locked to boost mobile?

    1. Yes it is, you need to use it on boost for an entire year before you can get it unlocked.

  2. Metro charges $600 for the iPhone XR if you bring a phone number. Xfinity charges $550 after a $200 prepaid VISA (90 days after activation). Xfinity will unlock fully-paid iPhones. Metro will unlock theirs after 6 months paid service. Then you may be able to save even more by taking the unlocked XR to Boost or Sprint for the $25/month BYP or Kickstart plans if still available.

  3. Boost Mobile is ending 3G device support on 4/30/19 - Received several text messages from Boost Mobile today here is a copy of the latest text message that contains more information than the previously received texts - it shows that Boost Mobile customers that have been with them a long time and prefer to use their older 3G devices mainly due to size, durability, and better overall voice and data coverage in places where 4G LTE is not working, will be forced to endure possible interruptions in 3G service and their devices will no longer receive any technical support. Boost Mobile dealers (select and non select) do NOT offer "free" phones to any current customers and do NOT honor any "codes" because they claim that Boost Mobile does not reimburse them for these giveaways they only receive reimbursements from Boost Mobile on upgrades and in store switching promotions. The text message is below -

    BSTFreeMSG: Alert: On 4/30/19, a device network update will impact this device due to its age and design. If your device is currently active on Boost acct, it will continue to work however, you will no longer be able to re-activate/master reset device, swap phone #, or receive Preferred Roaming List (PRL) updates which may result in irregular service depending on future Network updates in your area. If device is not currently active on Boost acct on 4/30/19, you won't be able to reactivate it. To help, Boost is offering a free LG Tribute Dynasty for acct with ph# ending ****. To receive, visit Boost store & present this message from your current phone. Use code ************** w/transaction. Offer expires 5/15/19, valid only in sel Boost Mobile dealers. Set Up fee up to $25 may apply. May req. plan change. Offer non-transferable; can't redeem for cash/other merch. Restrictions apply 2019 Boost Worldwide, Inc All rights reserved. Other marks are property of respective owners

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