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Mint Mobile is Discontinuing Some Plans, Offers 3 Months for $20

Among its subscribers, Mint Mobile is known for giving an option to purchase single month plans. This is after a subscriber has purchased a 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan.

But even though this is something that many subscribers valued, it looks like the T-Mobile MVNO is discontinuing the 1-month plan.

Earlier today, Mint Mobile sent out an email to its existing prepaid plan subscribers. The email shares that the single month plan option will be discontinued starting December 15th.

Customers who are set to renew on the 1-month plan can continue staying on the plan as long as they want. Once the subscriber switches to a 3-, 6-, or 12-month plan however, there is no way to go back to the 1-month plan.

In addition to the single month plan, Mint Mobile is discontinuing two other plans: the 5GB of data at $50 per month and the 10GB of data at $114 per month.

The MVNO did not reveal why these plans are being discontinued.

On the plus side, Mint Mobile is offering three months of service under the 5GB of 4G LTE data per month plan for $20. This offer is available for new activations over the next 23 hours only.

Source: Mint Mobile


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  1. This article is confusing. I am not aware of any Mint Mobile plans with rates as high as the ones you say will be discontinued.

    1. Check under Regular Pricing


    2. The plans were never available to new subscribers, only those already subscribed. I assume that's why you weren't aware of them.

    3. They charge a large amount if you only renew for a month.

  2. Note that there is a free shipping coupon. Also, a certain rebate site offers $20 cash back on mint.

  3. Amazon has the same thing selling at $20, no shipping cost for Prime member.

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