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Selectel Wireless is Now Handling Expo Mobile's Customer Service

A recent report shows that Expo Mobile was migrating its customers to another MVNO, Selectel Wireless.

The report comes from BestMVNO, who was contacted by the spouse of an Expo Mobile subscriber. According to the source, the company sent out text messages to its subscribers; instructing them to call Selectel Wireless.

After getting in touch with the Verizon-powered MVNO, the subscriber was informed that Expo Mobile's customer service side of things will be transferred to Selectel Wireless.

Upon checking, the website of Expo Mobile now displays the same support number as Selectel Wireless. BestMVNO also contacted the number and received confirmation that Selectel Wireless has been handling the customer service for the company since the first week of December.

Right now, there's no information yet whether or not this is a big move Expo Mobile has in store for its customers. But it could indicate that Expo Mobile is currently migrating its customers to Selectel Wireless. There's no official word yet if this is the direction Expo Mobile is headed for, but it certainly has been the case for other MVNOs like it.

If you are an Expo Mobile subscriber, will you start looking around for a new provider?

Source: BestMVNO 


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  1. More collapse in the MVNO musical chairs game.

  2. Verizon yeah but how about Sprint side? Expo started off as a Sprint mvno.

  3. Another one bites the dust...

    Verizon MVNOs already have higher rates because Verizon itself charges MVNOs more than the other three carriers do. And then these smaller Verizon MNVOs are not especially good at lowering rates or increasing data....

    Expo Mobile's $60 for 3 GB or $35 for 500 MB with UTnT is a laugh.

    The one thing they were good for is unlimited 128 kbps data after the high speed allotment was done.

  4. Boom! has good plans and USA customer service.

  5. I am porting out our last Expo paygo number to Red Pocket, which has more carrier flexibility, good customer service, and as an added bonus, the RP customer account website works well for me. Decent plans with one year ebay/amazon plans available, so super flexible as well.

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