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Simple Mobile Testing Out a $100 Multi-Month Plan

Simple Mobile is said to be testing a multi-month plan that gives its subscribers three months of service for $100 or a monthly price of $33.33.

The new plan comes with unlimited talk, text and 12GB of LTE data every month.

The multi-month plan also includes unlimited calling to over 60 locations, mobile hotspot, and unlimited international texting. There is also international talk, text and data roaming in a total of 16 Latin American countries.

Right now, this plan is not yet available on the T-Mobile MVNO's website but can be purchased through its independent dealers.

According to reports, Simple Mobile will be making this plan available until February 4, 2019. Taxes and fees are not included in the price and will cost extra.

This plan is somewhat comparable with an existing promotion that the MVNO has launched. The promotion doubles the data allotment on the $40 per month plan, which originally only includes 6GB of data. This plan, however, will only be available until January 31, 2019. But there is some speculation that this promotion will be extended.

Source: Let's Be Wireless   


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  1. Total Wireless has a 3 month plan too.

  2. This isn't lowering monthly payments T-Mobile
    This is exactly why we don't want the merger
    Prices and fees and payments are already increasing
    Legere is a liar
    Shame on SoftBank
    The consumer is getting bamboozled with these shenanigans

    1. America Movil owns SimpleMobile (Not T-Mobile.)

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