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T-Mobile Has Rolled Out eSIM Support for Latest iPhone Models

T-Mobile has just unveiled big news for Apple fans. The wireless carrier has rolled out its eSIM support, which will work on devices like the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

With the help of its eSIM app, users are able to set-up the dual SIM support feature on these iPhone models. The app allows users to create a secondary prepaid line on their device.

In addition to setting up the line, the app also lets its users pick from one of the three prepaid plans offered by T-Mobile. This lets users save time by doing all these things in the comfort of their home, instead of driving all the way to a T-Mobile store to set up the secondary line.

Right now, only prepaid lines are being supported by T-Mobile’s eSIM support. But a representative promises that eSIM support for postpaid lines will be available in the future.

When these iPhone models were launched a few months ago, Apple revealed that they have added dual SIM support via eSIM. With this feature now available, T-Mobile users can enjoy having two phone numbers on an iPhone.

T-Mobile is not the first wireless carrier to roll out eSIM support for the latest iPhone models. Both AT&T and Verizon launched eSIM support earlier this month. A representative for Sprint says that the company plans to roll out support for eSIM too. However, there was no mention of when this could be launched.

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