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Boost Mobile Offering Discounted Devices Under Its Switcher Promotion

Boost Mobile currently has a few smartphone promotions exclusively available for in-store purchases.

Among the devices you can get include the iPhone 6s, LG Stylo 4, Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine, Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve, and the Moto G6 Play. If you're interested in any of these devices, you can learn more about each deal below:

iPhone 6s

The Sprint prepaid brand is offering a BOGO offer on the iPhone 6s, at least one line should be a port-in. Once all conditions are met, the iPhone 6s can be purchased for $25. Each customer can get up to 4 iPhone 6s devices for $100, but at least two of those numbers must be switchers activate service on the $50, $60, or $80 plan before March 4, 2019.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine 

Another device Boost Mobile is offering for switchers is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Refine. Customers may get up to 4 devices for $19.99 each, all lines must be a port-in and activate service on the $50, $60, or $80 plan before March 4, 2019.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Achieve 

Available for $10, this promotion is available to customers who add a line to the $50, $60, or $80 plan. There is a maximum of 5 lines and 4 discounted phones available for each account. Service should be activated by March 4, 2019.

Moto G6 Play 

Available for $20, this phone deal follows the promotion for the Galaxy J3 Achieve.

LG Stylo 4 

Free phone for new customers who switch to Boost Mobile and activate service on either $50, $60, or $80 plan before March 4, 2019. Up to 4 devices will be given away with 4 port-ins.

Customers switching from Sprint-related carriers are not eligible for the deal. Taxes and fees are not yet included and will cost extra.

Source: Boost Mobile 

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  1. No free Stylo 4 for existing customers, this will really encourage customer retention

  2. Shame that the version carriers offer of the Stylo 4 is the lower end 2 GB RAM model. The universal version LG and Amazon sell has 3 GB and a better camera. Works on all carriers.

  3. Thanks - got a new iPhone 6s today for $25. So far so good! Was $93 total out the door (with 1st month unlimited plan).

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