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Boost Mobile Will Only Support 3G Devices Until April

It looks like Boost Mobile is ending its support for 3G devices.

Earlier today, a Boost Mobile customer shared a message he received from the Sprint prepaid brand. The message, seen on Reddit, shows that the network will no longer support 3G devices after April 30, 2019. Beyond this date, Boost Mobile will no longer reactivate service on any 3G device.

The prepaid brand shared that customers who are still using 3G devices will endure possible interruptions in their service. Additionally, Boost Mobile will no longer be offering technical support to these devices.

Although these devices will continue to work, there is no way to swap phone number, re-active/master reset device, or get Preferred Roaming List (PRL) updates from the provider. Boost Mobile explains that this could lead to irregular service for 3G devices.

In a nutshell, this means that Boost Mobile customers, no matter how long they've been using their 3G device, will be forced to upgrade to 4G. Unfortunately, Boost Mobile dealers will not be offering any "free" smartphone to customers. They will also not be honoring any "codes" since Boost Mobile does not reimburse them for such giveaways. The prepaid brand only reimburses these dealers on promotions that offer in store switching and upgrades.

There is an option to get a free LG Tribute Dynasty from Boost Mobile. If you received the BSTFreeMSG: Alert sent by the prepaid brand, you can use present it to a Boost store to get the free smartphone. The offer is available until May 15, 2019.

Boost Mobile's recent decision echoes the announcement Verizon made regarding 3G devices earlier this week.

Source: Reddit

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  1. Unfortunately, I have Boost Mobile and I am stuck with them for 90 days until I can go back to Metro as a new customer. All I can say for Boost is that at least it is not a Carlos Slim company. Boost Mobile at least gave me a decent free phone after Metro would not give me any love after being with them for 5 years. Boost is what it is - A Sprint MVNO.

  2. How can you tell if you have a phone that will affect you

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