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Budget-Friendly LG K9s Spotted at CES 2019

LG recently showcased a new budget-friendly smartphone at the CES (Consumers Electronics Show) 2019.

Even though the LG K9s was not yet officially introduced, it is already gearing up to be part of Metro by T-Mobile's roster of devices to choose from.

The report comes from XDA Developers who first discovered the smartphone over at one of the booths of the event. They snapped a few photos of the device and noted some of the specs that will be included in this budget-friendly smartphone.

For starters, the LG K9s will have a 5-inch display. There is also a 2GB RAM, 16GB onboard storage, 2500mAh battery, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Despite it being a budget smartphone, LG has included a fingerprint scanner on the K9s; which also doubles as the device's power button. During the event, the device displayed a GIF creation tool that can be found in the camera.

As seen on the spec sheet during the display, LG will be making a couple of models of the K9s. Each of these devices come with their own set of cameras and processors. Although nothing official has been announced yet, the spec sheet shows one of the models being equipped with pre-installed apps available on Metro by T-Mobile. This makes it safe to assume that at least one of the models will be exclusive to the T-Mobile prepaid brand.

LG has not yet revealed pricing and availability information on the device.

Source: XDA Developers 


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  1. This will be more than likely the Aristo 3 for Metro and Tmobile.

  2. 16 GB storage is about as budget as it gets! Does that even have enough room for Android 9.0?

  3. and on boost it will be the "tribute"... they just change name and release on all carriers

  4. Budget phone but over $40 for this crap, might as well call it a rerelease of the k3

  5. 3.5mm jack is a premium feature in my book.

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