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Here's How Fast AT&T's Mobile 5G Network Is Right Now

A couple of weeks ago, AT&T broke the record by being the first to launch its mobile 5G network. Just a couple of days into 2019 and we're already getting the first speed tests for the network.

The speed test was done by Reddit user, mwb6d, who shared the results from his AT&T Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot connection in Indianapolis. The speed test shows that the 5G network in the area has a 194.88Mbps download speed, 17.08Mbps upload speed, and 77ms ping.

To see how well these results fare with LTE, mwb6d switched the connection to LTE and performed a speed test. This test resulted to a 187.44Mbps download speed, 8.14Mbps upload speed, and 77ms ping.

Both tests were performed from across the street using a rooftop-mounted cell site.

It's interesting to see these results for AT&T's 5G mobile network, especially since there has been much excitement over the new technology. The results from the speed test do show some disappointing numbers, unfortunately.

But again, it's important to remember that AT&T's 5G coverage is very early and is currently only available in 12 cities. PCMag has shared that this coverage has a peak speed of 625Mbps.

With these considerations, it could take a while before real 5G network can be enjoyed by customers throughout the country. The question is whether you will switch to 5G right now or wait until the network improves?

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  1. It's faux 5G at present via Att. They even call it 5Ge for 'evolution'

  2. Umm yeah that number can go take a hike along with the outrageous asking price

  3. It's definitely fake - two different networks type have the same 77ms ping. Mean limited here not wireless part but base network

  4. As of Jan 5th 2019, here in Cleveland I'm getting around 20ms ping, 10Mbps up and 50Mbps down, while I used to be getting about half of that before the new year on ATT. From what I understand they've just enabled Channel Aggregation (CA) where now they allow certain channel to work concurrently as one connection. The dead giveaway in that other guy's fake 5G, is that real 5G's ping time should be less than 5ms (5 max), with upload of 100-500Mbps and download around 500-1,000Mbps.

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