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Jolt Mobile's Plans Now Come With More Data

Jolt Mobile has recently improved the high speed data allotment on a couple of its prepaid plans.

With the the changes, the AT&T MVNO has increased the data allotment on its two out of three plans.

Today's changes turns Jolt Mobile's unlimited monthly prepaid plan options into this selection:

  • $25 per month plan - includes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data (only 100MB before)
  • $40 per month plan - includes unlimited talk, text, and 4GB of data (only 1GB before)
  • $55 per month plan - includes unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of data (unchanged)

In addition to increasing the data allotment on the plans, Jolt Mobile has also removed the free $1 international calling credit on both the $40 and $55 per month plan options. Calls to international destinations can now be made at international calling rates.

The new changes do not apply to Jolt Mobile's PayGo plans. These plans remain the same at $15 per 30 days plan or $20 per 60 days plan. 

For this week only, the MVNO is offering free U.S. first class mail shipping on orders worth $25 or higher. 


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  1. Congratulations “Jolt” on your big announcement! It just puts you on par with all the other players of the MVNO musical chairs game, advancing you to be just as unlikely to be chosen now, up from completely unlikely to be chosen. Well done.

  2. 55.00 per month is an awful lot of dough for a whole lot of nothing.

  3. not that competitive.. we may see RIP Jolt

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