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Location Data of AT&T and Cricket Customers Continue to be Used by Third Parties

Last week, major US phone carriers were revealed to have been reselling customer data to private companies.

The report showed that these private companies, in turn, resell the real-time phone location data to people and companies that they weren't supposed to. This meant that private bounty hunters were able to gain access to data illegally. The full report is available at Motherboard.

Shortly after the news broke, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T all promised they would take necessary steps to track customer location data misuse. After investigations, the carriers reported that they would be taking action to end location aggregator work. They have also blocked access to device location data for requests made by third-party companies, such as Zumigo, the company that provided access to location-tracking services.

Despite these promises, a number of AT&T and Cricket Wireless customers received a surprising text message. The message informed them that they had given their consent to share "phone location or other subscriber, account, and device data" with third parties. The funny thing is that these customers did not actually give their consent.

These users posted screenshots of the text message on Reddit and AT&T Forums:

Many are considering these text messages to be spam or phishing messages. But since the message asks subscribers to not reply, it could be ruled out as such. Phishing messages usually have a link at the end where people could enter their account credentials. 

It's been a few days since Android Police reached out to both Cricket and AT&T. There has been no update on the matter.

Source: Android Police 

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  1. Hahaha now they don't even give a shit about your consent and outright telling you to give it to them one way or the other

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