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Lycamobile's $29 Unlimited International Plan Offers 6GB of Data

Earlier this month, it was discovered that Lycamobile quietly made changes to one of its prepaid plans.

Instead of offering 4GB of high-speed data under the $29 Unlimited International plan, the T-Mobile MVNO increased the data to 5GB. But it looks like Lycamobile is not yet done with the increase.

Customers who wish to purchase at least 3 months of service under this plan can enjoy more data. Instead of getting 5GB of data, customers can enjoy 6GB of data monthly. The plan also comes with unlimited domestic and international talk and text.

Again, the 6GB of high-speed data offer under the $29 Unlimited International plan is only available to those who buy at least 3 months of service in advance.

The offer is also available to new and existing customers for a limited time period.


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  1. So T-Mobile's secret plan (unlimited text, 100 minutes of voice, 5 GB of LTE data, with at least 100 MB for courtesy tethering) has officially been surpassed. Glad I jumped ship this past summer.

    1. My God you're a few years outdated.

    2. I had that plan for a few months, it was alright at first, but often times when I go into a building or a store and need to use the internet there was no LTE signal, not even HSPA, only 2g. Making calls with Google voice was nigh impossible so I dropped it.

    3. Teltik has been offering $30 for 6 GB with unlimited Binge On video, and unlimited calling and texting, postpaid data priority, and 128 kbps global roaming for a while now.

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