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T-Mobile-Sprint to Build 5 Customer Experience Centers Catering to Over 5,000 Jobs

T-Mobile and Sprint merging together as one company is no longer something new. But as the two companies continue to work at getting their merger approved, it has received lots of criticism from those opposing the merger.

One of the reasons behind the opposition is the number of jobs that will be lost once the two companies combine.

Earlier today, the two companies revealed their plans to build five Customer Experience Centers throughout the United States. Once these new centers are fully functional, they will create around 1,000 jobs.

Among the five locations, the first center will be situated in Overland Park, Kansas; which will serve as an addition the the existing headquarters of Sprint. The two companies have decided this location will be the secondary headquarters of the New T-Mobile, once the merger gets approved.

In addition to creating five new centers, they will be expand a couple of T-Mobile Centers that will also lead to more jobs created.

Politicians have commended the announcement made by the two companies, especially since the new center will add jobs and expand the Overland Park complex. Meanwhile, T-Mobile CEO John Legere continues to promise that "the New T-Mobile will employ more people from day one than T-Mobile and Sprint would have separately."

As a whole, there will be around 5,600 customer care jobs created by 2021. Unfortunately, this number is still a far cry from the 30,000 job losses that is being projected by the Communications Workers of America. If the merger pushes through, there will be 25,500 employees that will lose their jobs with the closure of retail stores. Additionally, 4,500 employees will end up unemployed due to redundancy in corporate positions. 

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  1. I think the projected job loss is going to be higher, I own a few boost prepaid stores, I have 22 employees, once merger is complete I don't see tmobile keeping boost alive.

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