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Teltik Running Promotion for Port-ins & New Customers

Teltik, an authorized reseller of T-Mobile's business plans, has just unveiled a couple of promotions targeted towards new customers and port-ins.

For new customers, a $5/month discount is applicable for their first three months of wireless service. Meanwhile, those who opt to port-in from a major U.S. network can enjoy a free month of service. The best thing about these two promotions is that they are both stackable.

Here are more details on these offers:

$5/month Discount for Three Months

There are currently two plans eligible with Teltik's $5/month discount for the first three months of service. These two plans are:

  • $20/month plan - comes with unlimited talk, text and 2GB of 4G LTE data
  • $40/month plan - comes with unlimited talk, text, LTE data and 3G hotspot data
Teltik is also offering a $5/month discount for three months of service under one of the hotspot plans it offers. The hotspot plan in particular is the $20/month plan, which becomes $15/month after the discount. The plan comes with unlimited 5GB of LTE data and is compatible with tablets, laptops, and other connected devices. This offer is not eligible for the free month promotion because the hotspot plan is not considered a business phone plan.

Free Month of Service for Port-ins

As mentioned, port-ins from major wireless carriers are eligible for a free month of service. This means that the customer must port-in from either Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint in order to enjoy the free month offer. 

The free month comes in the form of a bill credit on your second month of service. The offer is available to all business voice plans offered by Teltik. 

If you are porting in as a new customer, you can combine both promotions to get the best deal. This will let you enjoy a $5/month discount on your first and third month of service since the second month is already given to you for free. 

In order to enjoy these two promotions, you have to enter the promo code BMNewYear2019 upon checkout. You have until the end of the month, January 31st, to use the promo code to enjoy these two offers. 

Source: BestMVNO 


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  1. Is Virgin Mobile a major US carrier?

    1. Yeah, the comical “Now Network,” known as Sprint. One can never mind this before the name is even finished being spoken.

  2. Best to call and ask them. Who knows... maybe they will work out some sort of deal.

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