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Total Wireless Extends 50% Bonus Data Promotion, Updates Plan Offering

Total Wireless has made changes to its plan offering. The good news is, these are positive changes, which will excite many of its users.

Earlier today, the Verizon MVNO revealed that it has increased the allotted data on its new $50 plan.

The MVNO also introduced a new multi-month plan option for those who want to save more money.

The last announcement made today is that they have extended their 50% bonus data promotion.

More Data on $50 Plan

A few months ago, Total Wireless launched a plan that cost $50 per month. During its launch, the plan included 15GB of 4G LTE data. With today's changes, this plan now includes 25GB of LTE data at the same price.

Multi-Month Plan 

The second announcement made by the MVNO is that they have added a new multi-month plan option. This new plan offers 90 service days for $90. Once you activate service under this plan, you get to enjoy unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of data every 30 days.

50% Bonus Data Promotion

Back in October, Total Wireless launched a 50% more data promotion for new customers. The promotion was initially set to end on January 2, 2019. Because of its success, however, the MVNO has decided to extend this promotion until March 31, 2019. 

Apart from changing its expiration date, the MVNO has also made a small change to the plans eligible under the promotion. Since the $50 plan has received a data bump, it is no longer eligible under this promotion. 

The promotion is available for new customers that port in from other carriers. TracFone-owned brands are not eligible for this promotion. 

Source: BestMVNO 


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  1. Why would anyone continue to be a Verizon customer with Verizon rates and taxes and fees when they could save each month on the same Verizon network using Total Wireless but for a lower price and for more data? Duh!

    1. Double data deal on Verizon prepaid through eBay and also discounted Verizon refill cards through ebay

    2. If you have ever had to deal with America Movil customer disservice circus you wouldn't be asking this question.

    3. Verizon offers a few pluses that you won't get on most MVNOs, but that list is growing smaller.

      WiFi calling, voicemail transcriptions, cloud backup come to mind.
      And TW has no way to enable/disable visual voicemail or VoLTE/HD Voice. Verizon defaults them to on at activation (or doesn't) and that's it.

  2. Perfect for me since I already planned to add a 4th line to my group plan with them precisely in March! I suspect that we will soon see a permanent upgrade in data on their group plans. The competition should follow suit.

    With that said, I'm wishing they would do multi-month offers for their group plans as well.

  3. they dont have wifi calling when connected to your home router!
    verizon service does on prepaid, so if the cell signal is weak or non existent you have service. Without it, your dead in the water. Makes all the difference in the world.

  4. Because Verizon prepaid has better service and does not put a hard cap on your data like total does.

  5. Verizon has high definition calling too. The clarity is amazing!

  6. WiFi calling on Total Wireless web site

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