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Walmart is Selling Refurbished iPhone SE for $70

Back in September, Apple announced that it will no longer be selling one of its devices, the iPhone SE. But it looks like the company is taking its statement back with today's announcement.

Earlier today, Apple announced that it will be bringing back the Apple iPhone SE in the hopes of clearing its warehouse of unsold units. The report was first done by Mac Rumors, who reported that Apple was selling the smartphone in new and unopened boxes.

The best part about this is that the iPhone SE is being sold at $249 for the 32GB variant, a price that is $100 cheaper than its previous list price.

If you prefer a cheaper iPhone SE, you can opt for the refurbished deal being offered by Walmart. You can get a refurbished variant of the device for only $70. However, you have to activate it with Total Wireless. The currently available colors at Walmart are Gold and Gray.

Once you decide to purchase the phone from Walmart, you have to activate service with the Verizon MVNO. You can do this by calling customer care support center or visiting their website.

Source: PhoneArena


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  1. Is this locked to Verizon?

    1. $249 no
      $70 locked to Total, good luck ever getting them to unlock for you, maybe if you file a complaint with the FCC.

  2. Purchased a phone from Walmart for use on Total Wireless about a year and a half ago. Wasn't particularly satisfied with the carrier but had no problem getting them to unlock it. I now use that phone on Verizon.

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