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Apple Running Another iPhone SE Clearance Sale

Apple has since stopped selling the iPhone SE. But despite this decision, they continue to offer the device on occasion.

Whenever they do, the iPhone SE gets sold out right away. Last time, they offered the iPhone SE at a discount of $100. Just a few minutes after posting, the device quickly sold out.

Thankfully, Apple has once again offered the iPhone SE on its website. This time, Apple will let you choose between the 32GB or the 128GB variant as well as the color of the iPhone SE you wish to purchase.

Right now, the iPhone SE is available for $250 (32GB variant) and $300 (128GB variant). These devices are available unlocked.

We can't know for sure how long these devices will remain in stock, especially since they quickly get sold out. If you are considering getting one, there might still be a few of these devices in stock so hurry.

Source: PhoneArena 


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  1. $250 and $300 for a tiny 4 inch screen? NAHhhh.. Pass. $100.. yes. but hell THREE TIMES as much? Nope. Even if it has more storage.

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