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Metro by T-Mobile Clarifies $15 Device Swap Fee is Not Back

Back in December, there were reports that Metro by T-Mobile would be charging its customers a $15 fee when they would change their device. This caused a stir among its customers, forcing the prepaid brand to retract its decision and remove the charge.

Fast forward to this week and some customers complained that the $15 device swap charge has been brought back by Metro by T-Mobile. These reports were spotted on Reddit and Twitter, with customers pointing out that the waived swap fee only worked for Metro by T-Mobile devices. According to the users, the device swap fee was applied on phones they brought themselves. Some even commented that the free swap wasn't working for any device because of a "security update."

Metro by T-Mobile spoke to Android Police to give an explanation of what was going on with the device swap fee. According to the prepaid brand, its automated system is currently undergoing updates. Because of this, they encourage users to get in touch with one of their customer support agents in order to waive the $15 charge.

Thanks to this report, users finally know what is going on with Metro by T-Mobile's website. It's good to know that the prepaid brand is not charging its customers an insane $15 fee for swapping their device.

Hopefully, their automated system gets fixed real soon. In the meantime, Metro by T-Mobile advises to call 611, *288 or 888-8metro8 for assistance with device swaps.

Source: Android Police


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  1. in store is still $15 device swap fee which is where 90% of people swap devices

  2. Metro by T-Mobile will launch the Moto G7 Power starting at just $59

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