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Republic Wireless Giving 2 Months of Free Service to Port Ins

Republic Wireless is currently running a promotion for new customers that port in their number.

According to their website, the T-Mobile and Sprint MVNO will give two months of free service to those who make the switch.

The promotion is compatible with Republic Wireless' $15 per month plan that includes unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data ($5) per month. The total value of the discount is $40.

In order to get the two months of free service, you need to activate a new line and transfer your phone number. You also need to transfer your phone number to Republic Wireless within 30 days of activation.

Once everything has been done, you will receive 60 days of free service a month after the number transfer has been successful.

Get to know more about this promotion by visiting the website.

Source: Republic Wireless 


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  1. They charge $5 for a SIM and another $5 to ship the SIM. Total upfront costs are $10 just to receive the SIM.

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