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Select AT&T Prepaid Devices Now Have VoLTE, HD Voice, and WiFi Calling

Back in December 2018, there were reports that suggested AT&T Prepaid subscribers will be getting VoLTE, HD Voice, and WiFi calling features. This report was confirmed by another HowardsForum poster, who was able to make VoLTE calls. According to the poster, these calls appeared as a feature in his account dashboard usage log.

Even though there have been some who confirmed the report, it looks like AT&T Prepaid is not yet fully ready to launch the feature. These features are still not listed on the service features offered on any of their plans. It could also be possible that the features are still being tested and will be launched once they are ready.

There were also reports that surfaced that pointed to a possible launch of the feature in the middle of January 2019. These reports were confirmed by users who spoke with representatives of the company. According to these reports, the VoLTE feature will be automatically activated on users' devices. True enough, this was confirmed by two AT&T Prepaid users in late January, one who used an iPhone device and the other used a Google Pixel 3 XL.

But it looks like this feature is not available on all phone models and locations. Just yesterday, a Reddit poster shared that WiFi calling is not supported on his Google Pixel 2. When he spoke to a representative, he was told that the feature will only be available on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Instead of WiFi calling, the representative suggested he use a VOIP service to make calls over WiFi.

Another Pixel 2 XL user shared that while he was able to access VoLTE and HD Voice, WiFi calling was unable on his device.

So it seems that AT&T Prepaid is still working out the kinks on these features. Hopefully, they make an official announcement on which particular devices these features will be available so that their users know when to expect the update to arrive on their phones or if they should expect anything at all.

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  1. The decision that AT&T took to enable VoLTE to all of its subscriber doesn't surprise me. 4G LTE and eventually 5G is what public wants. Keeping 3G alive will only cost its subscriber base to pay for some useless technology. Time has come to end 3G all together.

  2. I have an iPhone X and spoke to an AT&T rep a few days ago. He said that they plan to have all areas in the US on wifi calling by the end of March.

    1. Well, that hasn't happened--at least on my SE! But, I'll continue to wait while using my free Xfinity phone account for wifi calling. I scarcely ever get an AT&T signal in the house.

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