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Sprint: To End 3G Device Support Across Its Network

Back in January, some Boost Mobile customers shared news that they received a notification telling them that Sprint will be ending support for 3G devices. This caused some confusion among Sprint MVNO users because there has been no official announcement from the network.

On HowardForums, users pointed out that this will not be a 3G shutdown. Instead, Sprint will only be "sunsetting activation of legacy devices," which means it will only affect WiMAX, 2G- or 3G-only devices.

After April 30th, users with these devices will no longer be able to activate them under Sprint's networks. However, those who have already activated these devices will be able to continue using them. The catch though is that they will no longer get updates over the air.

In a more recent comment, another user compared Sprint's 3G service to how T-Mobile currently provides 3G service. According to the user, after April 30th, Sprint will follow T-Mobile's practice of having certain areas that have poor 3G network. If this is the case, affected users will experience having erratic signal changes that could take between two to five minutes. One way to avoid this from happening is to upgrade to 4G.

Sprint, along with its MVNOs, will no longer support 3G devices after April 30, 2019.

Source: HowardForums


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  1. Good. Move on now.

  2. Most of America has no Sprint coverage anyway, so no big deal.

    1. Oh, there goes the old unlimited $40 plan on my 2012 Virgin Mobile phone... It was rooted and set up as a hotspot...

      They don't transfer grandfathered account plans across devices...

  3. Wierd, I just did yesterday (1/3/2020) a successful device swap on a Sprint MVNO to a 1xRTT (2.5G) only device, no issues whatsoever and it works just fine! Maybe the announcement changed?

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