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Straight Talk Wireless Will Soon Offer Multi-Line Plan at $90/Month

Over the past couple of weeks, Straight Talk Wireless has been making adjustments to its phone plans. The changes included adding more data offering to the plans it offered.

Now it looks like the TracFone-owned service provider is still coming up with a new multi-line plan that comes with unlimited LTE data. They are also offering a free phone offer for port-ins with auto-pay enrollment.

Multi-Line Plan

The information was released by Mil Hustles, a TracFone wireless dealer. According to the dealer, the upcoming plan is patterned after the $55/month single line unlimited LTE data plan offered by Straight Talk Wireless. With a multi-line option, subscribers can get a discount when they sign up for two lines. Instead of paying $110/month for two lines under the same plan, subscribers only have to pay $90/month.

The plan includes unlimited talk and text. Video streaming is limited to 480p. There is also a data cap of 60GB imposed by the MVNO. Once this threshold is exceeded, the account could be suspended. Although the plan does not support mobile hotspot, there are some customers who have been able to access it using other plans offered by Straight Talk. But this is not recommended since hotspot is against their terms. The plan does not yet include taxes and fees and will cost extra.

Even though the information about this new plan has been leaked, there's no word yet on when it will be available.

Free Phone

Straight Talk Wireless is currently giving away a free LG Premier Pro to customers who port-in and activate auto-pay for at least 3 months. This promotion also requires customers to activate service under a wireless plan priced $35 or higher. 

If you do decide to purchase the phone from Straight Talk, you will be locked to their network for 12 months. 

Source: BestMVNO 


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  1. Why did I think Straight Talk already offered a family plan??

  2. Any update on the multi line discount?

    1. We changed to straight talk for this reason and when i paid my first bill, they said it wss not offered

  3. I love straight talk service and now my kids are getting older and need phones. Please please come out with a 4 line family plan for close to 100 dollars like the other companies. I dont mind paying a little more because of yalls service but please come out wit it to help me as a single mom and other families. Thank you in advance.

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