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Teltik Offers $30/Month for 3 Months of Service Again

Teltik's new customers can once again enjoy a phone plan promotion it offered in the past.

Instead of paying $40 per month for a phone plan, the T-Mobile business plan re-seller is offering three months of service for just $30 per month.

This plan comes with unlimited talk, text and LTE data, Wi-Fi calling and texting, and unlimited 3G mobile hotspot.

The plan does not yet include taxes and fees and will still cost extra. Video streaming is up to 480p maximum resolution. And there is an option to add International Calling to over 70 countries at $15 per month or Caller ID for $5 per month.

If you are a business owner, you can subscribe to this promotion before it ends on February 28, 2019. It also requires using UNLITALK promo code in order to get the plan at $30 per month for three months.

Get to know more about this promotion by visiting Teltik's website.

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