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TracFone 2018 Earnings Report Shows Drop in Subscriber Count

Earlier today, America Movil unveiled their 2018 earnings report and it's a mix of both positive and negative news.

Based on their report, America Movil was able to gain customers and boost its earnings around the world. Unfortunately, its U.S. subscriber count for its brands under TracFone dropped once again.

The report shows that by the end of 2018, there was a total of 21.69 million U.S. subscribers under TracFone. This number shows a drop of 1.44 million year over year (6.2%) and 105,000 quarter over quarter. Most of the losses came from its Safelink Lifeline service. The brand ended the year with only 2.87 million customers, losing 1.35 million customers (31.9%) in 2018.

Meanwhile, TracFone did not reveal the numbers for the other brands, Total Wireless, Net10, Simple Mobile, Walmart Family Mobile, Telcel America, PagePlus, GoSmart, and TracFone. These brands ended the year with 9.64 million subscribers, collectively. Compared with Q4 2017, they lost 541,000 subscribers (5.3%).

In the end, these drops don't seem to be making such a huge impact on America Movil. In its report, the company revealed that its US revenues increased to 2 billion, an increase of 1.6% from the past year. It also got an increased ARPU (average monthly revenue per user) from $24 to $26. Its average monthly churn also dropped from 4.6% to 4%.

The full report can be read here.

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  1. So using your numbers to subtract the one carrier they own left out, would it leave about 10 million subscribers for Straight Talk?

  2. You didn't mention Straight Talk in your brief list of other TracFone brands.

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