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Ultra Mobile Expands Unlimited Calling to Over 80 Destinations

Ultra Mobile has expanded its coverage across countries.

Earlier today, the T-Mobile MVNO unveiled its plans to expand unlimited calling to 80+ international destinations, uTalk plan to 39 destinations, and the Ultra Flex plan to 15 destinations.

Here are more details on Ultra Mobile's new expansions this year:

Unlimited International to 80+ Destinations

Ultra Mobile has updated its classic plans to include unlimited talk nationwide and to over 80 international destinations. The plans also come with unlimited global text and unlimited data, depending on the plan they select.

Some of the destinations that Ultra Mobile has expanded to include the following:

  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Bhutan
  • Brunei
  • Japan
  • Namibia
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Pakistan
  • United Arab Emirates

In addition to unlimited calling, Ultra Mobile is giving away 1GB of 4G LTE data every month to customers who purchase three months of service at a time.

uTalk Plan Expansion

Ultra Mobile has given its customers a way to call more expensive destinations with uTalk. This service, included in the $39 plan, lets users make calls of up to 1,250 additional minutes to a destination they chose. 

The selected destination is not included in the 80+ options and makes it available to 39 more countries. This is great news for those who frequently make calls to Asia, Africa, Central and South America. 

Ultra Flex Plan 

Ultra Mobile has also introduced the Ultra Flex plan as an option to budget-conscious customers. The plan is available as low as $12.50 per month with the purchase of four lines or four months of service. This plan comes with unlimited domestic talk, global text, unlimited talk to 15 international destinations, and 250MB of 4G LTE data per line or month. 

With this expansion, Ultra Mobile aims to reach 1 billion international minutes for this year. Check out Ultra Mobile's plans here.

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