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Walmart Currently Selling Unlocked Moto X4 Below $200

Mid-range devices are usually priced beyond $400. But these devices come with top of the line specs that justify their price range.

So whenever one of these devices go on sale at a huge discount, it's the perfect opportunity to grab the smartphone.

One such device that has recently gone on sale is the Moto X4 with Android One OS.

Instead of its usual $400 price, the smartphone is currently available for less than $200 on Walmart.

The Moto X4 is being offered by Walmart at only $190. This is an unlocked version of the device, which works across the big U.S. carriers as well as Google Fi.

The model being sold by Walmart comes with 32GB storage and is available in Blue or Black color.

Since this is an Android One version of the Moto X4, major Android OS updates can be pushed automatically so you do not have to wait too long to get an update for your device.

Source: Walmart 



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  1. Looks like it's the new price. Same price on motorola's website and bestbuy.

  2. That phone was introduced in August 2017. Motorola is probably getting rid of old overstock.

  3. If someone bought this, is it a single or dual sim phone?

  4. Same phone is offered at b&h for $149 ;)

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