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You Can Now Purchase Google Fi SIM Cards at Best Buy

It is now much easier to purchase Google Fi SIM cards.

Earlier today, the product appeared on the website and retail stores of Best Buy throughout the country. This report was confirmed by an employee via Reddit.

According to Best Buy's website, you can purchase the SIM card for $10. But once you activate service on the SIM card, you will receive a $10 credit from Google Fi to use towards your service.

The SIM cards that are available at Best Buy cater to talk, text, and mobile data. Unfortunately, the data only cards need to be purchased from Google directly. This SIM card is compatible with tablets. If you don't need to rush on a SIM card, you can still opt for getting one from Google since it's free. The only negative aspect to this is that you will have to wait for shipping.

If you decide to purchase the SIM card from Best Buy, you will have to get in touch with Google to activate service. Best Buy is unable to help set up your new SIM card.

This effort is in line with Google's attempt to expand its reach.

Source: Engadget 

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