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Cricket Wireless Running Walmart-Exclusive Double Data Offer

Cricket Wireless is currently running a Walmart-exclusive promotion.

As spotted by Mil Hustles, the AT&T prepaid brand is offering a double your data promotion to those who subscribe to their $40 plan.

Normally, this plan only includes 5GB of LTE data along with unlimited talk and text.

But with this Walmart-exclusive promotion, you can get 10GB of LTE data per month for a total of one year. You can also activate AutoPay billing to get a $5 discount. This means that you'll only have to pay $35 per month on the plan you chose.

Mobile hotspot is prohibited in this plan. There is also an 8 Mbps maximum limit for download speeds.

Taxes and fees are already included in the price. 

Source: Mil Hustles 

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  1. And existing users don't get this deal without porting out and back

  2. Not a bad deal. I'm about to upgrade from old T-mo NOT SO SECRECT $30 Walmart plan to the $40 upgraded prepaid plan for unlimited mins and 10 gbs of data instead of 5. I'll say this I have an AT&T phone in my house to and live in a big city Houston and recently been on the outskirts of Houston miles out and T-mob coverage has been steady. Where I give AT&T the advantage is higher speed data during the day especially if you want to stream using hotspot.

  3. Cricket is great and at this price is better. Full coverage ATT network.

    1. i get that free with my Obama Phone.

  4. Best to join a group plan and get unlimited data for $25.

  5. I have Verizon prepaid 15 GB for $45

  6. 300 ms ping 8 download cap 4 upload cap. Those are officially cricket specs, Try hotspot gaming with that lol


  8. How does one get the additional 5GB after buying the $40 plan? Do I need to activate the service at Walmart, get a promo code, or just buy the $40 prepaid card and create an account with Cricket? No information at the store and the employee at Walmart was no help. No one at Cricket knows anything about this deal. Thanks.

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