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Proposed T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Could Get Sued by Several States

The proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile has undergone much scrutiny from its critics for quite some time now.

The latest we learned about the merger was that the Department of Justice (DOJ)'s antitrust chief had already expressed his interest in hearing the 5G arguments of the two companies. For those in favor of the merger, this meant good news. Unfortunately, a new report shows that this is being countered by several states.

As reported by Bloomberg, there are several states that are considering filing a lawsuit to stop the merger from pushing through. The report shows that the lawsuit is for antitrust grounds filed by several states. Among the states that are leading this move are New York and California. It is said that more than a dozen states are involved in examining the merger and how it would affect the competition. These states have reportedly hired economists to provide assistance to them in reviewing the proposed merger.

If the merger pushes through, both T-Mobile and Sprint would have control over 30 percent of the wireless market in the country. This number could be even higher in particular states. Because of this, it causes a concern among the state officials involved. The report also shows that another cause of concern of state officials is how political considerations could affect the merger decision of the Department of Justice. As it stands right now, the DOJ is performing an antitrust review of the proposed merger. Even if the DOJ approves it, the states may possibly sue to block the decision.

As for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), its informal 180-day clock on the review of the merger is currently paused on day 121. It still is a while before a decision is made. The DOJ's formal decision could be finalized in the coming months.

Source: Bloomberg 

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