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Sprint No Longer Sold at Target Stores

Here is some bad news for Sprint users who purchase their service in Target stores.

As noticed by market analysis company, Wave7 Research, Sprint's services will no longer be sold in any Target store across the country.

This report was confirmed by a Sprint spokeswoman, who confirmed that the operator will stop selling its services in any of the 1,500 stores owned by Target throughout the country. Instead, the operator will be focusing on providing service to its customers through stores owned by both the company and dealers, along with other retail outlets like Best Buy, Walgreens, and Walmart.

Wave7 Research analyst Jeffrey Moore shares his observations that Sprint has been encountering very slow sales at Target. And because this was not a profitable sales channel for the operator, it is likely the reason why they decided to make the move.

But looking at things at a larger scale, it really doesn't come as a surprise why this move was orchestrated by Sprint. As a matter of fact, the operator has been making several changes to its retail strategy for some time now. Back in November, Sprint's executive chairman, Marcelo Claure, made a Twitter announcement that they will be expanding their presence into 700 more Walmart stores. This grows the network's Walmart presence to around 1,400 stores.

Sprint's decision to exit from Target paves the way for other wireless providers to grow their presence in the retail store. Reseller Consumer Cellular has taken this opportunity to expand its visibility for its target customers. Since the reseller's target customers are seniors, they are able to attract them to make a purchase at Target; where they can get the assistance they require from the sales people employed by the retail store.

It looks like a Win-Win decision for both Sprint and Consumer Cellular.

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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