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T-Mobile-Sprint Merger Paused by FCC Once Again

The highly anticipated T-Mobile and Sprint merger seems to be on hold just yet as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced its decision to pause its review stage.

The announcement was made yesterday after it decided to examine "significant new information" that the government agency received that could potentially raise some concerns on the proposed $26.5 billion merger.

This decision comes after T-Mobile's latest filing this week, where it updated its plans for offering a wireless home broadband service and collecting public comments. Normally, the FCC completes merger reviews within a 180-day period. With the Commission's new decision to pause the review, it has plans to resume its countdown on April 4th. This allots less than 60 days for the agency to either approve or reject the proposed merger between these two U.S. carriers. 

According to the FCC, its decision to pause the clock was to give more time for staff and third-party to review the new information. By doing this, the FCC promises that they are able to make a balanced and speedy review that coincides with public interest.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint executive chairman Marcelo Claure are set to testify before a Democrat-controlled House anti-trust committee on March 12th.

Source: The Street 

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