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Tello Offering $25 Account Credit to New Customers

Tello Mobile has just launched a new promotion for new customers. For a limited time period, new customers can get $25 account credit when they sign up for service under this Sprint MVNO.

The promotion runs from March 21st until April 4th and does not require using any coupon. There is also no specific plan required to activate service on. 

Upon your first successful order of a plan, Tello will credit $25 into your account directly. You can then use this to pay for your next Tello phone bill, as long as it does not exceeds $25.

In addition to Tello's promotion, they are also offering their Referral Program so users can earn more account credit. Whenever you refer a friend, each of you earns $10 Tello Dollars (Account Credit). 1 Tello Dollar is equivalent to $1. However, this does not have any monetary value. It is simply credited into your account to use for paying future phone bills or purchase a new phone.

To know more about Tello's new customer promotion, visit their website.

Source: Tello Mobile 

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