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Visible Giving Away Virtual Credit in Exchange for Buying a Phone or BYOD

Verizon Wireless' new prepaid brand, Visible, is currently running a promotion. The promotion targets individuals who purchase a new phone and gives them back a Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account worth up to $200. It is also open to those who bring a device and activate service.

The promotion is open to customers who purchase a phone worth over $400. In exchange of the purchase, Visible will give you a $200 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account. If the device you purchase costs less than this amount or if you decide to bring a compatible device to the service, you will get a $100 instead.

Either option requires you to make a payment for the first two months of service. This will automatically entitle you to you get an activation code so you can claim the account. The activation code should arrive in the email address you provide within six weeks upon activation.

Both new and existing customers can take advantage of this promotion. If you are an existing customer, you will be required to purchase a new device from Visible. Among the different devices currently being sold by Visible include the following:

  • Apple iPhone 6S - starts at $288
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus - starts at $384
  • Apple iPhone 7 - starts at $432
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus - starts at $552
  • Apple iPhone 8 - starts at $576
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus - starts at $696
  • Apple iPhone SE - starts at $240
  • Apple iPhone X - starts at $888
  • Apple iPhone XR - starts at $738
  • Apple iPhone XS - starts at $984 
  • Apple iPhone XS Max - starts at $1,080
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 - starts at $768
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ - starts at $912

Only the Visible ZTE R2 is not eligible in this promotion. Visible has not announced when this promotion will end. 

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  1. Good deal on the phones if you can tolerate the YMMV 5mbs service on Visible. At least it is only 2 months (vs a 6 month to year).

  2. Are these phones unlocked ? If not, what are Visible;s unlocked requirements ?

  3. Visible has been going through some drama. They've been censoring a lot of their social media channels because lots of customers are having issues with the service. Over on reddit they've banned people from posting criticism. Really disappointing to see another service start out so bad.

  4. To avoid issues and reap the $200 deal here are some additional tips:

    1. Check from Verizon Prepaid coverage maps if your area a good native 4G LTE signal. You can also verify this from opensignal.com. As Visible is a MVNO with Verizon as network carrier. It is important to get strong LTE signal as Visible uses VoIP for Voice and Texts, with all communication happening as data on the backend instead of legacy 3G or 2G CDMA. If you are in a rural area then Visible is not a good option as it will not ROAM on LTEiRA.

    2. Read all terms and ensure you complete all. Some people forget one step and then spend time and resources arguing with Support Rep. Especially for the $200 required porting your current number to Visible during placing of new device order. Read the terms!

    3. Visible is new and has cloud based operations so it may not be smooth as compared to Tracfone or other MVNOs. If you need to interact with their support due to no fault of yours then courteously ask for Visible Perk pack as compensation where they will send you a gift box of stainless steel flasks or mugs, USB chargers etc.

    4. For getting discount on first month I had to use code tHlRl that dropped charge from $40 to $20. So minimum total service cost required to be held for the $200 card drops from $80 to $20.

    1. I was also able to use case sensitive code tGh99 to get $20 off first month of service.

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