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Visible Starting to Gain Footage in Prepaid Market

Last May, Verizon quietly launched its new prepaid subsidiary called Visible. Ever since then, the prepaid brand has been able to start attracting new customers with several promotions and its low-priced plans.

In addition to these, Visible has began being more aggressive with its advertising. Just recently, they painted the facades of empty buildings found in 10 cities where they hung "404 Store Not Found" signs. They have also placed ads in several bus shelters in a few cities. Visible recently also exhibited at the SXSW tech conference and music festival held in Austin, Texas.

It's interesting to see how Visible will be able to break into the prepaid industry, especially since it is already currently saturated with different MVNOs and other prepaid brands. Perhaps one thing that separates Visible from other brands is that it has decided to operate without the need for a call center or a physical store. In lieu of these, they are able to save on costs to offer a lower priced service. Plus, they are able to streamline the entire wireless buying process.

All this noise is just the start. The company still has further plans to draw more attention to the brand. We can also expect a few announcements from the prepaid brand in the coming weeks. For Wave7 Research's Jeffrey Moore, the lack of impact from Visible should not be considered as a failure. Instead, Moore believes that Visible is slowly building its momentum in the prepaid market.

Source: Fierce Wireless 


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  1. As soon as Visible starts allowing Android, things will really takeoff.

    1. They allow you to purchase an Android phone from them - they just aren't allowing BYOD. I can only guess that they must be employing custom software on the phones - maybe doing the FreedomPop thing of making everything actually run purely over data or something.

  2. Did they hit a 1,000 customers yet?

  3. Visible has way too many problems like poor customer service and the service is kinda overpriced for throttled data.

  4. Who you trying to fool, Verizon? Overpriced joke, wannabe Cricket...

  5. Not overpriced when you consider the network. Anything on Sprint is throttled to zero in most of the US. A large part of the US still lacks T-Mobile, so it is throttled to zero too. Solid service, even if not lightning fast, is infinitely better than no signal.

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