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Best Cellular Waiving Activation Fees for Mobile Now Sprint Customers

Mobile Now has quietly closed down 100 Sprint stores throughout the country.

The shutdown was first reported by NWIDA after obtaining a memo from Simply Wireless EVP and co-founder Henry Ching. The memo, addressed to employees, gave a short notice about the company's decision to shut down the brand on April 1, 2019.

Unfortunately, the memo was sent out a day later, on April 2. This gave employees little time to prepare for their separation from the company.

Because of the sudden decision, many former employees are speculating of a money laundering scheme as the reason behind the shutdown. There is, however, no way to verify if this is what really happened between Sprint and Mobile Now.

Right now, the other Simply Wireless-owned brands (Simply Prepaid, Wireless Partners, and ShopCellDeals) seem to be working just fine and are not affected by the sudden closure.

As for Mobile Now Sprint customers, Best Cellular has announced that they will be waiving activation fees as a way of helping ease the transition between the two companies. Customers can easily port their Sprint numbers to the service offered by Best Cellular through this guide. Mobile Now customers can also continue using their existing Sprint device and SIM card to process the port.

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  1. "Waiving" a junk fee for a junk network... nice lol

  2. Best Cellular actually offers coverage through Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile towers nationwide.

  3. Not sure what the "junk network" comment was referring to but Sprint has been pretty good where I'm at.

    I switched to Best Cellular using my Sprint iPhone and the original Sprint SIM card.

    There were no activating fees but the rep did offer to send me a free SIM card if mine didn't work.

    Great experience so far.

  4. It depends on your area. Sprint and T Mobile are both pretty bad where I live.

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