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Cricket Wireless Unveils Simply Data Plans, New Hotspot Device & Samsung Galaxy Deals

Around a week ago, Cricket Wireless was reported to launch a new set of data-only plans under the name "Simply Data." True enough, the AT&T prepaid brand has made these plans official for users.

In addition to these new plans, Cricket Wireless will also be launching a Cricket Turbo Hotspot device and a couple of smartphone deals where you can enjoy surfing data from.

Simply Data Plans

The wireless data plans available include the following options:

  • $25 per month plan - comes with 3GB of data
  • $35 per month plan - comes with 10GB of data
  • $70 per month plan - comes with 30GB of data

These data-only plans include unlimited messaging services and support for 480p video streaming. There is an option to add more data by purchasing a "Simply Data Add-On" card. The data add-on offers a choice between 2GB of data at $5 or 5GB of data at $10. 

These Simply Data plans will be available on Cricket Wireless' website starting tomorrow, April 19th.

Cricket Turbo Hotspot Device

Pairing with its newly launched data-only plans, Cricket Wireless is also gearing up to launch an affordable hotspot device called the Cricket Turbo. This device lets you connect up to 15 Wi-Fi enabled devices at a time. It lasts up to 11 hours of continuous use yet only costs $119.99.

The hotspot device also offers Parental Control features that you can set up easily with the hotspot Wi-Fi Manager tool. It also offers secure password protection.

Samsung Galaxy Deals

Lastly, Cricket Wireless has announced a couple of deals on the purchase of either the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure. 

The Galaxy S10 can be purchased with a $200 discount by those who are switching to Cricket Wireless. Meanwhile, the Galaxy J2 Pure is available for free for switchers and only $49.99 for existing Cricket customers. 

You can read more on these devices here

Source: Cricket Wireless 


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  2. I know it's a little late, but the Simply Data plans have been available since April 14th. They were initially launched at store locations...Also the Turbo Hotspot offers a little more than up to 15 devices and good battery life. It's also the only Prepaid Hotspot device that offers 5GHz band wifi.

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