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eBay Selling Galaxy S10 Series at a Huge Discount

It's only been a few months since Samsung unveiled its latest flagship series, the Galaxy S10. But already, these smartphone models are being sold under a killer deal. 

Apart from discounts, there are also some retailers offering freebies for unlocked models of these devices. eBay, however, is offering some of the highest markdowns for the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, and Galaxy S10+. 

Right now, you can get your hands on factory unlocked models of the devices at these prices: 
Each of the devices being sold come with 128GB of onboard memory, dual SIM connectivity, and GSM network support. This means that you can purchase either device and use it under AT&T or T-Mobile's networks. 

Out of the three options, the Galaxy S10+ is the one that is quickly running out. Upon post time, only the white variant is available while its black and green colors are already out of stock. The Galaxy S10 is available in black, white, or green option. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10e is available in white or green. 

Which of these devices are you interested in purchasing? 

Source: PhoneArena 


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  1. Those are dual sim international models. They would work well on ATT based carriers and okay on T Mobile based carriers. No CDMA. They are not "factory unlocked". They are only GSM unlocked.

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